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Befriend A Mission
Befriend A Mission
Befriend A Mission is a program of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society 
(LWMS). The focus of Befriend A Mission is to increase awareness of our home 
and world missions. It provides a system of support by offering opportunities for 
women of the LWMS to remember and be a friend to missions, missionaries and 
their families.
The Befriend A Mission program aims to assist the work of missions and their

missionaries by offering prayers, encouragement and God’s love to those within
the body of Christ. It also keeps in prayer those souls yet to be reached in the
fields, which have been preparedby the Holy Spirit through the spreading
of the Gospel.
Who Can Participate in Befriend A Mission?
Everyone at Crown of Life.
What Can You Do?
  • First and foremost - Pray!
  • Send cards, letters, encouraging notes.
  • Share family, church and area news.
  • Increase awareness by sharing information about your mission assignments.
  • Encourage fellowship opportunities focusing on your mission/missionaries.
  • Encourage the missionaries' children who are studying in the states.
  • Use the gifts God has given you - BE CREATIVE!
Our Current Befriend-A-Mission Assignment

Rev. David Boettcher, Pastor

Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church

51 Alford Ave

Red Deer, AB

403-340-8045 (office)
403-347-6238 (home)


St. John's Lutheran Church

5506 55th St.

Wetaskiwin, AB


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